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Overcoming dental phobia

Overcome your fears with our proven techniques

Are you so fearful or anxious about attending the dentist that you let your oral health suffer as a result? Does having dental instruments placed in your mouth trigger a gag reflex, or cause an anxious feeling where you find it difficult to breathe? Do you suffer from problems such as gum infection or even chronic disease, but simply can't face picking up the phone and arranging a dental appointment?

If this is you, then you are suffering from a condition called dental phobia - the serious, often paralysing fear of seeking dental care. The good news is that we can help!

Is dental phobia common?

Yes, it is. Dental phobia is a condition that affects a large proportion of the population that do not regularly see a dentist.

There are things you can do to overcome dental phobia, and we will draw upon years of experience and expertise in this specialist area to help you to do so.

What else makes people phobic or fearful of the dentist?

There are countless reasons why people are phobic about visiting the dentist. Many people fear that their dentist will ridicule or belittle them if they have not had a checkup for many years. They feel that they will be laughed at or looked down upon for neglecting their teeth. At CosmeticDentist.co.uk we will NEVER do that.

Sometimes patients find the clinical appearance and "hospital smell" of a dental clinic very intimidatin. A bad childhood experience, or previous visit to a dentist maybe have put you off for life. Sometimes a painful procedure might have gone wrong and caused a lot of pain, a lot of patients have a phobia of needles are just some of the many reasons people suffer from a fear of going to the dentists.

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If you are suffering from dental phobia then it is never too late to find the courage to ACT NOW. Besides chronically infected gums, your ability to chew and digestion can be seriously affected by delaying further. When you neglect your gums and teeth, your speech can also be affected, your self-confidence can be compromised. This can cause problems with your breath and result in you hiding your smile. Some patients are so embarrased about their teeth it can lead to serious limitations in both your social and business environments.

Using a range of proven techniques we can help you overcome dental phobia forever.